6 Benefits of Adding a Sunroom to Your House

There’s something addicting about diving into a new home improvement project. But if you’re anything like the average homeowner, then you’ve probably run out of fun projects to do during the pandemic. From repainting your walls to adding some more shelves, chances are you’ve done it all.

One project that may not have occurred to you? Adding a sunroom. A sunroom addition provides homeowners with plenty of perks, benefits, and advantages, like improving your curb appeal and allowing you to experience the great outdoors like never before.

Read on to learn why your home needs the upgrade that a sunroom’s addition will offer.

1. A Sunroom Increases Real Estate Value

When adding sunrooms to your home, not only do you enjoy additional living space, but you also drastically boost your home’s real estate value.

Why is this? To start, you’re adding more square footage to your home, which always increases its value. Secondly, not many homes have sunrooms, so your house will stick out in the market. This is especially true if you live in a colder climate where you can’t always access sunlight, which is vital for the health and happiness of human beings.

Do sunrooms add value to your home? Yes, absolutely. Put your home on the market with more confidence than before when you add a sunroom.

2. Having a Sunroom Is Great for Your Health

sunrooms addition

Not only does adding a sunroom help your home’s health by improving its value, but it will improve your health, too. Having unrestricted access to the sun, no matter how cold it is outside, will provide you and your other family members with plenty of health benefits.

When homeowners add sunrooms to houses they own, they typically receive such benefits as:

  • An increased amount of vitamin D
  • Improved circadian rhythm (which leads to better sleep)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better mood

All of these advantages will increase your overall quality of life. Over time, you’ll be healthier, happier, and very well-rested. Start enjoying these benefits of a sunroom this season!

3. Potential Energy Savings

When you add a sunroom to your house, you can save energy better than ever before. Instead of burning through lightbulbs all day, more natural light will flow into your home and illuminate your house for you.

With a sunroom, you can work and spend time in the sunroom and leave those energy-sucking lights and appliances behind. This benefit is especially apparent when you have company over. Turn off the TV and host face-to-face conversations in your beautiful sunroom.

Not only is it better for your wallet, but using less energy is also better for the environment.

4. Much More Extra Space

Probably the best advantage of installing a new sunroom in your home is all of the extra space that you can enjoy. Adding a sunroom to your house allows you extra space for an added office, a reading nook, or hosting guests.

This feature is especially great if you have a lot of family members who are all vying for a space of their own.  

Need some peace and quiet away from the kids? Enjoy the view of your stunning backyard all winter long in a space of your own. Perfect for sipping lemonade and stargazing on a summer evening or drinking hot chocolate in the middle of winter.

5. A Sunroom Offers Natural Light

add sunroom to house

It’s no secret that natural light is much more pleasant than human-generated light. In the winter, all of the natural light can help add even more heat to your home without breaking the bank.

Natural light is better for other reasons, too. If you have a green thumb but haven’t quite had the luck, try growing a garden or house plants indoors.

Without the constant barrage from the elements, your precious garden will be more protected and will have all the more reason to thrive. Let those pothos plants and tomato plants shine like never before when you use your lot's natural light to the best of your ability.

6. Protection from Pests

When adding a sunroom to your house, you’ll be able to choose between a screen door and glass panes. Either way, you will have robust protection from flying bugs and crawling ants.

Want to dine outside but sick of mosquitos ruining the experience? Now you can have the best of both worlds. Consider adding a sunroom to your home for a pest-free outdoor experience.

Taking Advantage of These Benefits and More

There is a multitude of benefits when it comes to adding a sunroom to your house. Whether you want to boost your health, improve your sleeping schedule, or just enjoy some quality outdoor time away from pesky flies, you’ll enjoy plenty of sunroom benefits.

If you’re wondering, are sunrooms worth it? The answer is yes. To start designing your dream sunroom, schedule a consultation with Zenith Design and Build today!


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