10 Best Basement Renovations Ideas and Tips for Your New House

Basements intimidate many homeowners. And it’s easy to see why. There are drafts, there are cobwebs, and don’t get us started about all of the horror movie cliches that start and end in a basement.

But in the end, basements get a bad rap. With the right eye for design and some handy tricks, you can transform your creepy basement into an underground oasis.

Are you looking for ways to dive into basement remodeling? It can seem overwhelming, but the key is to come prepared with a game plan on what you want to do. Check out some of these 10 basement remodel ideas to get your basement inspiration flowing.

1. Launch Your Basement Gym

Ready to pump some iron? Get fit fast with 24-hour access to the best indoor gym in town: your own. When you renovate your basement to fit a home gym, you can personalize and customize it to focus on the type of workout routine you want. 

2. Get a Home Theater

Pop the popcorn and invite the gang over for the next big Netflix special. When you revamp your basement into a home movie theater, you get the best movie and entertainment viewing experience. Basements are ideal for home theaters with their silence and lack of windows. 

3. Build an Additional Bedroom

basement renovations ideas

Got a kid coming home from college? Or maybe you’re looking to transform your home into a place where you can earn passive income. Whatever your reason, adding an extra bedroom is a great use of space for your basement. If you want to kick it up a notch, consider adding in a bathroom and shower to make it a complete living suite. 

4. Expand with a Small Apartment

Perhaps the best basement renovations are ones that use the space in a practical way. And converting the space into a small apartment is a great way to do this. With many small modern appliances like air fryers and microwaves to choose from, you can even add a small kitchenette into the apartment. 

5. Booze It Up in a Basement Bar

Bring the after-party back home with a basement bar. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood when you install fun bar games like a dart board or even a pool table. And consider bar stools, peanut dishes, and low-hanging lights for an authentic look.  

6. Get Yourself a Wine Cellar

Add some sophistication to your home when you add a wine cellar in your very own basement. Show off your new favorite wine in style with your new basement interior. Make sure to plan accordingly, as a functioning wine cellar requires insulation, an air circulation system, and shelves. Lots and lots of shelves. 

7. Enjoy a Basement Laundry Room

Adding a laundry room is probably the most common use for a basement, as it gives you the space you need to clean and wash your clothes and other fabrics. 

If you have kids, this is an especially good idea, as chances are you have a lot of clothes to wash. Keep those ugly dirty clothes piles out of sight when you move your laundry headquarters down below. 

8. Be Creative with the Stairs

basement redo

Nothing says “excellent basement remodel design” like show-stopping stairs! 

Just because your basement may have started with a boring (and maybe a little creepy) staircase doesn’t mean it has to stay like that. Upgrade your staircase with delightful designs like suspended steps, fun art, or sophisticated lighting. 

9. Add a Sauna 

Adding a sauna to your basement can be the perfect extra touch to make your home a true oasis. Put that space to use and enjoy relaxing evenings after work with steam that will leave you feeling refreshed. 

10. Include Good Lighting

If there’s one thing a basement needs, it’s good light. Since you won’t be getting any natural light from any windows, it’s important not to stuff up your cool design with bland fluorescent lights, which can even negatively affect your mental health. 

Consider string lights, neon signs, antiques, and more to complete your basement redo. 

Using Your Basement Fully

The chances are that your basement is an underutilized oasis just waiting for the day when you step inside and transform it into the room of your dreams. More than likely, all you need to get the inspiration flowing are some basement renovations ideas. 

For even more creative basement designs, contact a design and remodeling company. Call Zenith Design and Build today to set up your appointment!


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