Checklist for a Full Bathroom Remodel: Renovating a Bathroom in 11 Steps

When beginning a home remodeling project, it’s best to have a vision for your end product. With goals and objectives for improving your space, including what to add, renovate, or remove, you will make the whole process run smoother, and the same goes for navigating how to start bathroom remodel projects.

Before beginning your new bathroom remodel, creating a checklist for a full bathroom remodel will ensure you follow the plan and don't forget a single aspect of your remodel. For help with your Des Moines bathroom remodeling project, our team at Zenith Design + Build is breaking down the DIY bathroom renovation checklist for a pristine bathroom remodel project. Let’s dive right in!

#1. Look Through the Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The first step in your renovating a bathroom checklist is to gather ideas for what you hope your bathroom will look like in the end.

There are tons of different places you can gather inspiration for your new bathroom. From Instagram and TikTok to Pinterest and home design websites, there are a host of different platforms. One of our favorites is Pinterest, where you can scroll through hundreds of different styles for inspiration that perfectly matches your style.

When looking at these images, try to notice the different fixtures and smaller details, beyond just the overall aesthetic. This will help you notice things like faucets and fixtures so you can make better decisions when it comes time to purchase your own.

#2. See What Must Be Changed or Added

renovating a bathroom checklist

Another key element of preparing for bathroom renovation projects is to look at what needs to be changed or added. Do you need to fully gut your bathroom? Or will some updated fixtures and a fresh coat of paint do the trick? Taking a look at what has to go, versus what just needs a facelift will majorly impact your budget.

There are many different items in your bathroom to take a look at, beyond paint and basic fixtures. When deciding what needs to be done, consider changing or adding:

  • Bathtub/spa
  • Shower
  • Shower door or curtain
  • Soap holder or shelving
  • Cabinets and shelves
  • Countertops
  • Vanities
  • Grab bars
  • Lighting medicine cabinet
  • Tub and show faucet, valve, and drain
  • Mirrors
  • Shower sweat
  • Adding walls
  • Soap and lotion dispensers
  • Wall coverings
  • Flooring
  • Toilet paper holders
  • Ventilation
  • Heating and cooling

#3. Establish a Budget

Next on the new bathroom checklist is setting a budget. Now that you know what work needs to be done, and hopefully use your inspiration images to choose the fixtures and finishes you like, it’s time to establish the budget.

Your budget should account for:

  • Materials and supplies costs
  • Contractors or workers hired
  • Design and permit costs
  • Lost income if you must take time off work
  • Inspection costs and fees

#4. Determine the Time Expenses

how to start bathroom remodel

Many are quick to assume that remodeling a bathroom will just take a few days, but this isn’t always the case. Depending on the elements you're changing, the size of the space, and if you’re using a contractor, the time it takes can vary greatly.

There’s also time to add for materials to arrive and be delivered to begin. It’s essential to plan this in advance to make arrangements while you’re without this bathroom.

#5. Finalize the Design Plans and Get Permits

One of the key things needed for bathroom remodel project is both a design and permits. A contractor can work with you on what needs permits and what doesn't. Some permits can be purchased over the counter, while others will need drawings and plans.

#6. Take All the Measurements

It’s essential that you have accurate measurements and specifications before launching the project. This must account for the overall size of the bathroom, as well as the location of all plumbing and electrical wiring you will need to work with or around.

#7. Install the Plumbing

With every remodel, it’s important to look at the condition and install the necessary plumbing for the shower, bathtub, toilet, bidet, sink, faucets, and shower heads to keep them properly functioning. Additionally, take a look at if any handles or hardware need upgrading as well.

#8. Work on Walls and Floors

There are an array of different materials that can be used on surface walls and floors in the bathroom, but typically it’s best to opt for waterproof options in this more wet environment. Depending on your budget and style, granite, ceramic, and marble tile make for beautiful, durable flooring. No matter what you choose, keep slip resistance and durability in mind.

#9. Check on the Ventilation

bathroom remodel list

Ventilation is a must in a wet room like a bathroom. As part of this, you must find the right fan, as well as install it in the right position. Poor ventilation can lead to major problems in your bathroom, including mold that can harm your health. Maintaining continual airflow is better for your health, and will keep the materials you choose for the design in better condition.

#10. Set Up the Furniture

In a small space like this bathroom, planning cabinets, shelving, and other storage solutions can be a challenge. These should be functional selections that are convenient to reach and don’t take up too much space, maintaining a stylish finish despite the compact design.

#11. Install the Lamps and Accessories

Last, on the bathroom remodel where to start checklist is accessories and lamps. Every bathroom needs adequate lighting, and you should choose options that are both functional and match the aesthetic. Furthermore, accessories can do a lot to pull the project together, yet can add quite a bit to the final bill. Be sure to include new towels, soap dishes, mirrors, and more in your final budget.

Contact Zenith Design + Build for Your Bathroom Renovation

From scouring the internet for your dream bathroom example to budgeting for the project and installing accessories, there are quite a few steps on the bathroom remodel checklist to hit in order to reach your final goal. But with the right planning, you can achieve your dream bathroom while remaining on schedule.

At the end of the day, hiring a contractor instead of opting for a DIY bathroom renovation checklist will ensure you hit everything on the list, and do so with professional knowledge for a high-end finish. For the best bathroom remodeling contractor, contact our team at Zenith Design + Build today to get started.


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