10 Kitchen Design Trends That Will Be All the Rage in 2022

Post-pandemic life has promoted a deeper appreciation of home. There's been an increase in customization, reflected in furniture, office, and living space design. 2022 kitchen trends embrace curved shapes, textures, and nature-inspired interiors. Because the pandemic has forced more people to spend time at home, there is presently a strong desire to create a space that reflects homeowners' feelings.

In this sense, homeowners allow the feelings to drive the look and feel of their interiors. The minimal kitchen look is warming up, for instance. For some, as much as all-white promotes cleanliness and order, it's also sterile and not always inviting. Sculptural furniture adds quirk and character. It is somewhat the antithesis of 1950s minimalism. It has gained popularity today.

For now, gracious and sensual shapes emanating nature are omnipresent in the latest kitchen designs. Whether you live in a small apartment rental or are building a new home, there are many ways to bring current trends into your kitchen. The great thing about trends is you can cherry-pick the ones you love to remodel your kitchen and create something unique. Below Zenith Design + Build put up the newest kitchen ideas to inspire you in 2022!

#1: Outdoor Kitchens Going High-Tech

The American Institute of Architects’ Home Design Trends Survey indicated 45% of architects believe outdoor kitchens will be the most popular kitchen product and feature in coming years. And it’s not just the simple upgrade or development of outdoor living spaces; it’s the addition of high-tech gadgets and equipment to what used to be a simple barbecue area.

Outdoor kitchen design trends 2022, place no limit on the luxury elements you can add. From wine refrigerators, beverage dispensers, pizza ovens, fireplaces to high-tech cooking appliances, you can take the indoors outside. You might not ever want to cook inside when the weather is good.

Some integrated outdoor kitchen hi-fi kitchen appliances include:

  • Ambient LED lighting
  • HD weather-resistant smart TVs and projectors
  • Wi-Fi enabled BBQs, smokers, and grills
  • Wi-Fi-controlled heating features

Hi-tech canopies are also great additions because they can track the sun or be tiled to catch a breeze at the touch of a button.

#2: Kitchens with Pattern-Tiled Floors

Bold, geometric shapes like hexagons and fans satiate homeowners seeking to add vitality into their dull floor designs. The latest kitchen designs use colorful or encaustic tiles or add color to a sometimes generic, monochrome palette without painting or reinstalling cabinetry. Floors no longer need to be dull.

Design trends are cyclic, and current patterns do hark back and perhaps even take inspiration from the linoleum floors of the 1950s. However, tiles offer a more durable option. For those wanting a comfortable middle-ground, monochrome tiles can also provide a range of shades to experiment with.

A side note: patterned tiles also make for beautiful, low-maintenance backsplashes that can look like wallpaper. Over a stove or behind a sink are great places to play with glass, textured, metallic and mosaic tiles that can bring different kitchen design elements together, especially in the case of two-tone cabinets.

#3: Back-to-Nature Color Schemes

Latest kitchen designs

In 2021, we hit peak gray when Pantone pronounced Ultimate Gray color of the year along with Illuminating Yellow. Yet, while it remains classic and serviceable,  the latest kitchen trends have moved away from stark monochromatic grays to warm and inviting earth tones. These hues come from nature-related, creating an atmosphere that feels safe, protective, durable, and rough.

Shades of brown, wine, olive and sage green, rust, terracotta, as well as yellow ocher offer a sensorial tactility, especially when smooth countertops or cabinets combine with honed stone surfaces and raw wood elements. Primarily attributed to the growing desire to attain a more sustainable way of living, back-to-nature color schemes are simultaneously bold and subtle.

First spotted in the work of several interior designers at Salone de Mobile in Milan, several fashion labels from Kenzo to Fendi and international interior designers have embraced the palette. If anything, it seeks to redefine how our homes should feel — safe and inviting.

#4: Fresh Ovens

The movement towards non-fossil fuel has given rise to the induction cooktop. Induction cooking works on magnetic conductivity between a burner and a pot or pan. It is safer, more energy-efficient, and faster than gas or electric. Given that states like California have sparked a national push to ban gas lines into homes, induction cooktops offer an eco-friendly solution to future-proof your kitchen.

Another reason for induction’s growing appeal is its sleek design. Millennials (the largest group of consumers) and Gen-Z (following right behind) tend to adopt more streamlined designs, making induction stovetops appealing. The only downside is they are more expensive. However, according to Good Housekeeping Institute, these models can reduce energy consumption by up to 10%.

#5: Custom Appliances

The work-home phenomenon has transformed the kitchen into an integral part of the living space because people have and will continue to spend more time at home. With this comes a move towards European aesthetic sentiments, whereby custom appliances are built-in and hidden from view.

Kitchen designs 2022 with wine fridges and dishwashers that seamlessly integrate into cabinetry have become popular. It produces less concern around outdated appliances and how they fit into a new aesthetic in the long term.

#6: Veined Marble

Over the past year, homeowners have demonstrated a growing appetite for dramatic marble veining. Whether it's islands, worktops, backsplashes, or sinks, kitchen trends 2022 celebrate the ostentatious. Deep black to a caramel brown and bold streaky gray veining align with the current 1980s renaissance dominating design and fashion — dramatic, veined marble pairs beautifully with gold or brass hardware and stone and wood elements.

While classic white marble has its place, veined marble offers a bold and impressive impact that bodes well with monochromatic kitchens. The benefit of boldness is it elevates simple cabinetry and hardware, which is ideal for homeowners who perhaps only need to give their cabinets a fresh lick of paint and add a dynamic and daring backsplash.

#7: Monochrome and Two-Tone Design

It was de rigueur to match your upper and lower kitchen cupboards in the past. However,  recent two-toned trending kitchen designs "break" this rule, bringing depth and subtle variation that can revamp a tired kitchen or visually break up different sections. For this reason, two-toned kitchens are an excellent choice for small or combined spaces, as it creates the illusion of organized space.

The classic monochrome design is still part of the current design canon for those who prefer something more straightforward. Monochrome kitchens allow interesting architectural elements and fixtures to take center stage no matter the color. These kitchens lend themselves to bolder worktop choices — think natural stone with dramatic veining! Depending on kitchen size, there is also the possibility of creating focal kitchen islands or bars with waterfall countertops.

#8: Integrated Storage

Latest kitchens trends

From ingredients to appliances and equipment, kitchens are spaces where we need many things, so clutter accumulates quickly. Well-placed, concealed kitchen storage is practical yet doesn't compromise aesthetically. Increasingly, homeowners desire ample, easy-access storage like pan drawers in islands and big-opening larder units.

In much the same way as hidden appliances, modern kitchen design trends focus on hidden storage solutions. Houzz's 2022 U.S. Kitchen Trends Study indicates that built-in specialty organizers are rising, with more than half of homeowners upgrading their space with custom solutions.

Swivel units, pull-out drawers, integrated larders, cabinet designs to house cookie trays, and drawers with pull-out waste or recycling bins are some 2022 kitchen trends that combine practicality with sleekness. Today's storage is designed to meet homeowners' ergonomic needs, i.e., to flow with how they use their kitchen space.

This trend is related to minimalism and Marie Kondo's decluttering philosophy. Kitchens are busy spaces, and smart storage aligns well with a minimalist design that promotes a calm and relaxed environment. As work-life balance becomes integral to everyday life, more emphasis is placed on mental health and alleviating the kitchen from clutter, and finding smart ways to store it, can help.

#9: Pigment-Packed Cabinets

Ocean blues, earthy greens, and citrus shades are the kitchen color design trends of 2022. Gray-based navy, soft sage, rich ocher, and hues that complete jewel tones are in. These shades can be paired with a contrasting countertop or backsplash for dramatic effect or to embody a monochrome look.

Muted shades are derivative of back-to-nature color schemes. They combine well with white, cream, and gray, offering versatility, and are often gentler on the eye than intensely bright colors like royal blue or crimson red. Muted colors are also preferable for a modern revamp that can be upgraded with more colorful decor or fixtures as trends change.

When selecting a color, remember that lighter tones make a small space feel bigger, whereas dark tones can bring sophistication to a larger space. Deep tones are cocooning and help create a cozy atmosphere, while crisp colors keep things light and breezy.

#10: Increased Attention to Details

Countertop materials, backsplashes, and cabinet colors are stock standard considerations every homeowner considers. When it comes to consumer trends in kitchen design, fabricators, architects, and designers have noticed greater attention to detail. For instance, homeowners have begun embracing textures in kitchens. For example, they mix up materials like KitKat tile backsplashes with bold marble countertops.

Timber with visible grains, clashing metals, ceramic and durable materials like leather for stools and chairs are popular. Brass fittings, for instance, have shot up in sales and online searches. There’s also an increased interest in fluting and cladding.

Interesting shapes, textures, and patterns are in demand because they are easy to add interest to design interiors. Even hardware such as embedded handles is utilized to complement smart design choices. They’re available in different finishes and can be designed to match or contrast with cabinetry colors, adding subtle and sophisticated flair.


Kitchens aren't just places to prepare meals; they're extensions of living areas, where people gather and socialize around food making. As such, their multifaceted functions call for smart designs that suit homeowners' needs. According to BuilderTrend, home remodeling projects increased by 38% in 2021 because Americans view and use their homes differently.

If you're considering remodeling your kitchen, then Zenith Design + Build can help you combine some of 2022's newest kitchen ideas into your existing or soon-to-be new home. We provide homeowners with one-of-a-kind designs and quality craftsmanship as an award-winning company. Keen to build the kitchen of your dreams? Contact us today!


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