Great Curb Appeal Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Exterior

While not always true, most outsiders will assume a home’s exterior condition echoes its interior and displays the tastes and values of a homeowner. If you’re busy with an exterior overhaul, there are many ideas for curb appeal you should consider implementing because they all contribute towards making your home beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Zenith Design + Build has played a significant part in improving curb appeal for many homeowners in Des Moines. Our award-winning exterior remodeling increases property value and enhances functionality. Below are 20 inspiring ideas to improve the curb appeal of your exterior.

#1: Paint The Front Door

A front door painted in a bold color gives an entire custom home a fresh, updated look. Sturdy doors with attractive features exude the sense that your home is well-maintained and on-trend. A slick coat of paint will refresh and improve the curb appeal of exteriors, whether you’re planning to sell or not. According to a Fixr paint survey, 56% of experts believe that black will be the most popular door color of choice in 2022.

#2: Install Window Boxes

Other curbside appeal ideas include installing window boxes. They add a splash of color to a home's style and architecture. Window boxes are easy to plant and maintain. If your windows get direct sunlight, you can take advantage of the flowers and plants available.

#3: Update House Numbers

Homes with curb appeal put effort into their house numbers. Think about it: Visitors identify your house via its number. Ditch plain, outdated numbers for ones with personality and style that match your home. Some homeowners replace old house numbers with decorative plaques illuminated by downlighters with their address clearly depicted directly underneath the number or make the numbers the same color as other accents on their home’s exterior.

#4: Trim Overgrown Trees and Hedges

It’s challenging to get a palpable sense of what your home looks like with overgrown trees and hedges. The front of your home makes a first impression on visitors, and an untidy garden doesn’t necessarily provide a positive one. But there are other benefits to maintaining a garden: Pruning allows for strong growth and ensures your property is safe.

#5: Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

The best outdoor lighting updates add security, safety, and curb appeal to your home’s front yard and outside spaces. Front-of-house curb appeal ideas in terms of lighting include path lights, step lights, lanterns, downlights. Using LED lights is a good option because they are 80-90% more energy-efficient and only give off 5% wasted heat.

#6: Arrange a Sitting Area on the Front Porch

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Popular ideas for curb appeal, like adding a bench to the front porch, create a welcoming atmosphere. They’re perfect for relaxing and socializing during longer days and warmer nights. Choosing lightweight, low-profile furniture that can be easily moved as needed allows homeowners to make the most of dual-purpose pieces, such as stools that can function as side tables and extra seating.

#7: Replace Your Old Mailbox

If you’re spending significant time upgrading your home’s appearance, you don’t want an ugly, worn, old mailbox to take away from its curb appeal. Mailboxes affect small home curb appeal in particular because there’s less room to disguise them. A new mailbox is an easy exterior upgrade that can make a significant difference.

#8: Refresh Flower Beds

Fresh flower beds instantly improve curb appeal. Homes with overgrown weeds or poorly maintained flower beds may need to start on a clean slate. If garden maintenance is not your thing, you can opt for gravel flower beds and more eco-friendly plants like certain shrubs and cacti that don't require as much attention.

#9: Replace Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters remain the unsung heroes of homes, rerouting rain away from the house. Although most last about 20 years, they eventually need replacing. Cracks, peeling paint, mildew, and pools of water are all signs you should replace yours. If they’re still in good nick, then an annual clean will definitely make your house look tidier.

#10: Clean and Pressure Wash

Routinely pressure washing your home’s exterior prevents the build-up of mold, mildew, dirt, and pollutants. A good wash is bound to improve curb appeal and reveal whether your home really needs a new coat of paint. Implementing preventative maintenance can take years off an older home and keep it looking new for years to come.

#11: Add Exterior Window Shutters

Zenith Design + Build team knows that exterior window shutters help highlight and accent a home’s windows. They make windows resistant to impact and physical change and are perfect for areas where high winds kick up debris. Available in many styles and materials, shutters also privacy and boost energy efficiency. Paneled, louvered, board and batten, and Bermuda-style shutters complement a variety of architectural designs.

#12: Improving Curb Appeal With Rocks

Rocks and aggregates can be used to define a slope, as a substitute for lawn, or as an aesthetic solution for areas where little grows. Walkways and beds can be outlined or separated with an attractive arrangement of rocks, pebbles, or gravel. The latter is also an excellent replacement option for mulch because it maintains soil moisture, represses weeds, is fireproof, and provides a finished look that’s low maintenance.

#13: Facelift Your Garage Doors

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Give shabby garage doors a facelift by repainting, replacing, using wood overlays, or adding door skins. Metal doors can be upgraded with a faux wood look. Embellishing garage doors with decorative hardware like hinges, lift handles, door knockers, corner brackets, and window accents can also improve your home’s exterior.

#14: Install a Bird Feeder

Installing a bird feeder is one of the best curb appeal ideas that aid nature conservation, is educational for kids, and maintains insect and weed control, as well as flower pollination. Before choosing a feeder, you’ll want to research the types of birds in your area so you know which food to get and which feeder is best for your front yard.

#15: Upgrade Your Door Hardware

Refreshing flower beds and replacing old mailboxes aren’t the only ways to improve exterior curb appeal. Updating your front door is a project easy to accomplish in an afternoon. The right color choices and accessories can have a major impact on the look of your home. The latest trends favor timber, satin, brass, and brush gold finishes, providing a touch of warmth to homes.

#16: Cover The Walkways With Natural Stone

Walkways and paths made from quality stone increase safety, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, as well as prevent erosion from occurring along frequented pathways. Natural stone can withstand moisture exposure and temperature fluctuation. It’s low maintenance. Flagstone and cobblestone are popular choices. Intersecting stones, symmetrical designs, circular stepping stones, and a checkerboard look offer several design choices. Some homeowners even extend these designs to their outdoor entertainment and pool areas.

#17: Clean the Roof (Or Even Replace It)

Creating curb appeal needn’t be a massive undertaking. Something as simple as cleaning the roof can make a massive difference to your home’s appearance. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to get professionals to clean your roof at least once a year. If your roof displays signs of sagging, bald spots where granules are missing, cracked shingles, or is over 20 years old, you may want to consider replacing it to maintain your home’s safety and structural integrity.

#18: Paint Your Home’s Exterior

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Exterior painting projects can yield as much as a $4,000 + value bump, equating to a 55% ROI. Painting doesn’t just improve the front of the house’s curb appeal; it also protects and preserves the life of a home. Exterior painting keeps mold and mildew at bay by preventing moisture from penetrating wood, siding, and other building materials. Warm, welcoming neutrals, greens, and grays are the top colors set to dial-up curb appeal in 2022.

#19: Update the Siding

Siding reduces energy bills by 15%. With proper care, good siding lasts between 20 and 40 years. However, if your siding exhibits wear and tear, then it may be due for an upgrade. Current trends indicate a veer away from high contrast to sticking with accent colors within the same hues of your home’s exterior color. Moreover, new siding provides increased protection against heat loss and pest infestation.

#20: Reseal The Driveway

If your driveway looks worse for wear, it will reflect poorly on your homes’ exterior. A new coat of blacktop sealer can transform the driveways’ surface, making it look brand new. Homeowners with concrete driveways should always remove weeds and debris from small cracks before filling them with masonry crack filler.


House curb appeal ideas can pay back an average of 75% if you’re selling your home. If you’re not, it simply means you’ll receive maximum enjoyment knowing your front yard is superbly maintained and looks good. We hope you’re inspired by our home curb appeal ideas.

At Zenith Design + Build, we value details like these. Though our projects are on a larger scale, we always work tirelessly to ensure every detail looks fantastic, all while bringing your vision to life.


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