Have a Big Remodel Dream With a Small Budget? Here's How to Increase It

There’s a lot to love about the city of Des Moines (Fong’s, anyone?), but being a home remodeler, the neighborhoods in town are my favorite thing by far. The Beaverdale bricks, the stately homes of South of Grand, the bungalows in the Waveland neighborhood, and the tree-lined streets all over the city give it the charm I love. But like even the best of us, these neighborhoods could always use a little TLC.


The City of Des Moines and Polk County have joined forces to form a unique nonprofit, Invest DSM. Together, they are working to revitalize neighborhoods around the county to bring them back to their glory days. They’ve started out with four Special Investment Districts (SIDs) and have a vision to establish healthier, vibrant, and thriving areas filled with residential properties and local businesses.


Invest DSM is providing financial incentives to residents for home improvement projects throughout all four SIDs. These are established neighborhoods in Des Moines — and they’re popular ones you have probably heard of:

  • First on the list: Oak Park/Highland Park. Minutes from downtown and overlooking the Des Moines River, this area is home to many historic Des Moines businesses and great-valued homes.
  • Second: we’ve got the Drake neighborhood. Any Bulldogs in the house? Local businesses line University Avenue and the turn-of-century houses are gorgeous to walk by on a nice day.
  • Third: the Franklin neighborhood. This family-friendly community is full of life, iconic Des Moines gathering spots, and top-rated schools. And you can’t beat Snookie’s and Waveland Cafe (Jason Momoa’s favorite too!).
  • Last but not least: Columbus Park. This neighborhood is a hop, skip, and a jump away from downtown, features affordable homes, and also has great Italian-American businesses within walking distance.


If you have a home remodel in mind but your budget can’t quite match it, there’s some simple steps you can take to increase it:

  1. Think through what improvements you want to make to your home. Do you need to improve the functionality of your kitchen? Are you needing an outdoor oasis for cool summer nights?
  2. Give us a call here at Zenith Design + Build. I love Invest DSM’s mission and want to help revitalize these neighborhoods as much as I can. So let’s work together to do that!
  3. It’s important to know how much your project will cost before you begin this process. Meeting with me and going through the scope and design of your project will ensure you’re prepared to apply for Invest DSM funding.
  4. Fill out the Invest DSM interest form.
  5. Invest DSM will take it from there, and we will manage your remodel as your general contractor!

We have two customers in the Franklin neighborhood that have partnered with Invest DSM in order to increase their budget. This is allowing them to make their homes more functional and add curb appeal.

One customer was able to add over $27,000 to their project from Invest DSM funds! She said she’s been dreaming of adding an addition on the top floor of their home for years. With low interest rates and the opportunity Invest DSM provided, she decided it was time to act on her home improvement dream.


Another client’s home suffered tree damage from the August 2020 derecho. Instead of simply fixing the damage, they dreamed big! They thought through what would make their home more functional, and decided to add a two story addition to the damaged side of their home. Through Invest DSM, they received a bump to their budget. A win for them and their neighborhood!

Tune in to our Facebook and Instagram pages this spring when we start construction to see these projects come to life.


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