The Pros and Cons of a Main Floor Suite

The trend to build a first-floor master bedroom remains persistent among homeowners. A major factor is a rise in elderly parents moving in with their adult children rather than into assisted living residences, as well as increased time spent at home due to the pandemic. 

At Zenith Design + Build, we have constructed many home additions for Des Moines residents. Master bedroom additions are rather popular and may increase the value of your home when smartly designed. Naturally, it always comes down to personal preference and budget. Yet, if you are undecided, then our list of the master bedroom first floor pros and cons may help.

When it’s Suitable to Have a Master Suite on The First Floor

Even if you don’t use the first-floor master suite as your main bedroom, it may still make sense to include it in your floor plan, especially if you intend to reside in your home for a long time. Below are some benefits:

Convenient Quarters for Aging Parents

A first-floor master bedroom is practical if you’re expecting to look after aging parents in the foreseeable future, even if they have nursing help. This arrangement helps them feel part of the family while still offering privacy. It also eliminates the challenge of stairs for those who may be frail or have mobility issues. 

main floor master bedroom

An Additional Guest Room

A first-floor master suite is always a great option if you have family members who frequently visit from overseas. It offers the privacy and comfort of a bedroom with an attached bathroom, kind of like staying in a hotel, except with you. On the whole, it’s more relaxing for the rest of your family if they’re not sharing the same ablutions.

Distance from Teenagers

Parents of teenagers often prefer moving to a master suite situated away from the rest of the rooms and heavy foot traffic. This also creates additional privacy as young kids transition into adulthood and sometimes desire increased privacy away from their proximity to their parents. 

An Ideal Office

Because an increasing number of homeowners enjoy working-from-home flexibility, a main floor master bedroom can double up as a decent-sized office with its own bathroom. Centrally located but still within earshot of the rest of the house, it’s a convenient working space that can still close the door to outside noise if necessary.

Fulfills Future Needs 

While it may not be the case now, stairs can become a challenge as you age. We know that most elderly homeowners prefer to reside in their houses for as long as possible before downscaling. A master bedroom on the main level is one sure-fire way to accomplish this. 

Increases Resale Value

Due to the aging baby boomer generation, the main level master bedroom can increase the asking price of your home if you’re selling in the near future. According to Home Advisors’ True Cost guide, you can expect to recoup 63% return on investment. For prospective buyers, a bedroom with an en suite bathroom eases the challenges of multigenerational living. 

When a First Floor Master Suite Is Unsuitable

Despite the many advantages, there may be situations when having a first-floor master suite doesn’t suit your lifestyle or family’s needs. Here are the downsides: 

Young Families

Families with young children tend to gravitate away from the main level master bedroom because it involves too much going up and downstairs to check on little ones. Even with baby monitors, parents experience greater peace of mind living in close quarters to their younger kids until such time they can sleep through the night and safely and independently move between levels.

main floor master bedroom


If you’re looking to downsize, then a master bedroom on the first floor is a less favorable option. Those who want a home with less square footage will opt to have all their bedrooms upstairs or single-story homes. As it is, maintaining heating and cooling systems for two levels will, in most cases, be more expensive, too.

Near Common Areas

Another downside of a main floor master bedroom is that it’s not as separate from common areas as it would be if it were on another level. This may create issues if family members have different sleep schedules. Of course, it depends on where the kitchen and entertainment areas are in relation to the bedroom. 


Deciding on the location, size, and layout of your main suite depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Some homeowners want it upstairs, while others require it downstairs. No matter what you choose, our expert team at Zenith Design + Build can help you remodel your existing main suite, or even build a new one. 

During our design process, we work together with homeowners to ensure their home remodel projects are a success. Our design team is involved from the get-go, so they have a good sense of your space and needs. If you want to remodel or build a main-level master bedroom from scratch, then contact us today to discuss your project specifics. We’re ready to help you improve your home!


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