Top 14 Creative Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Home Renovation

Does your home have a boring white and flat ceiling design? Or worse — the dreaded popcorn ceiling? When you’re undergoing a home renovation, the last thing on your mind is the ceiling.

After the dust clears and the contractors finally wrap up the job, you glance up at your new, stunning light fixtures and see them surrounded by a ho-hum living room ceiling design! That’s a major letdown when you consider how much you’ve spiced up the rest of your home with beautiful marble tile backsplashes and Brazilian cherry hardwood floors.

Let’s avoid this home renovation disappointment. We’re the leading custom home projects provider in the Des Moines area. Keep reading for our list of the top 14 ceiling designs to take your home renovation to the next level.

Common Types of Ceiling Designs

Before we cover ceiling designs ideas, let’s go through the different types of false ceilings:

  • Plaster of Paris — Made from powdered gypsum, decorating a ceiling with POP is cost-effective. But this ceiling design risks cracking.
  • Gypsum — A gypsum ceiling design is ideal for soundproofing and thermal protection. Gypsum boards come in different colors and sizes. Easy installation and flexibility allow for experimentation with various bends and shapes.
  • Wood false ceilings — Wooden ceiling designs are a great option when you live somewhere cold. They’re easy to install and look luxurious. However, they’re expensive and need a lot of maintenance. But they’ll last forever.
  • Glass ceiling designs — Incorporating decorative glass panes into your ceiling design with other materials makes for one fancy ceiling design idea. Glass also makes the room feel bigger and brighter.

#1. High Gloss Ceiling

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One of the least expensive ideas for decorating ceilings is a high gloss ceiling design. First, the ceiling is polished entirely smooth, so no bumps are present. Then it’s painted in an ultra-glossy, shiny, and reflective finish. This will make the room feel larger and brighter. It’s also an attractive option for kitchen ceiling remodeling.

#2. Ceiling with a Wooden Finisher

Warm and inviting wooden ceiling designs are always a winner. Wood ceilings are highly prized for their thermal capabilities and timeless beauty. Stained or painted, you can flex your creative muscles if you choose wooden ceiling home decor. You can experiment with different finishes, paint colors, wood plank sizes, and patterns.

#3. Stenciled Ceiling Design

These aren’t your grandma’s ceiling designs. Instead, today’s stencils for ceilings are high-tech, easier to use than yesteryear’s, and much better looking. Experiment with metallic finishes, different designs around the light fixtures, and bold and unique patterns for that wow factor you crave.

#4. False Ceiling

If you’re wondering how to decorate ceilings with fans, a false ceiling is one way to go. You can design a false ceiling recessed around the fan to accommodate the spinning blades, keeping the room as airy as possible. For a bathroom renovation, we highly recommend false ceiling designs for these reasons.

#5. Custom Artwork Ceiling Design

Want a ceiling design that no one else has anywhere in the world? Then decorating a ceiling with custom artwork is your best bet. This is one of the most creative and beautiful ceiling ideas for the home in that you can use anything your heart desires to show off your artistic sensibilities.

#6. POP Ceiling

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Combining different materials can create a one-of-kind ceiling design that will have guests wowed. Offset cheaper plaster of Paris (POP) with pricier materials, like wood or glass, for a unique and luxurious ceiling sans the luxury price tag. Then, take it up a level with a suspended fixture to put the pop in your POP ceiling.

#7. Ceiling with a Wallpaper

This isn’t your great grandma’s wallpaper. Gone are the days of wilting floral patterns and cheesy borders. Instead, wallpaper ceilings are a fresh new take on this ceiling design medium, and you can choose from a boatload of different patterns and colors.

If you love the look of a wooden ceiling but hate the maintenance and price tag of one, go with wallpaper in a faux wood pattern.

#8. PVC Ceiling Design

PVC, or Poly Vinyl Chloride, is a synthetic material that’s becoming a popular choice for ceiling designs in modern homes and commercial spaces. For one thing, it’s cheap and gives you an easy maintenance design with a superior finish. Wood grain patterns are popular, but you can choose from various colors to level up any room with your creative tastes.

#9. Custom Wall Ceiling

A great living room ceiling design idea is to build a custom wall ceiling when you want to highlight a specific section of the living room, such as the entertainment area or a fireplace. This elevates the focal point of the living room. Then, add bright lights to the sidewall for even more spicy drama.

#10. Round Ceiling

Round ceiling designs are aesthetically pleasing and make the room look more compact and cozy. A circular ceiling design draws the eye into large round rooms and makes the area look more inviting. For large rectangular rooms and hallways, rounded ceilings elevate the midpoint with a creative circular shape.

#11. A Layered Ceiling

ideas for decorating ceilings

Incorporate a layered approach to your ceiling decor. First, you start with patterned wood panels. Then, add beams. Finally, the third layer is creative light fixtures in funky bold colors to further complement your layered ceiling design where light and shadow meet to play.

#12. Vaulted Ceiling Design

Vaulted ceiling designs are a great choice if you’ve got a gabled ceiling. Use faux wood or metallic panels to highlight the dimensions and complement the space.

#13. Sculptured Additions

Sculptured additions are classic, beautiful ceiling ideas dating back to antiquity. So let your inner Jon Fabre go wild with these three-dimensional designs that breathe life and vitality into an otherwise plain ceiling. But you’ve got to marry your sculptured additions since they aren’t easily removed.

#14. Industrial Style

Often, you’ll see industrial-style ceiling designs in the usual gray, white, or black. While this can work in some spaces, consider changing it a bit. Paint the ductwork in a bright color, or paint it to match an accent wall, perfectly pairing industrial with elegance.


Decorating a ceiling doesn’t have to be a chore or a bore. There are tons of ideas and mediums on the market that you can mix and match for that one-of-a-kind ceiling design you won’t find anywhere else.

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