2023 Is Here and So Are These Interior Design Trends

Who else is glad to leave 2022 in the past? It wasn’t all bad — I learned a lot that helped our business grow substantially, and we completed some amazing remodeling projects. But 2022 was ultimately a year that I am happy to leave behind.

2023 is a fresh new year, and we are already seeing a shift in design trends. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your home as you head into the rest of the year, read on:


1. Color

2022 was a...bleak year. There wasn’t much to celebrate, there was too much loss and too many disasters. Homeowners are looking to feel something bright, cheery, and joyful in their homes in 2023. To do so, they’re using color. Think big, bright colors like pinks and oranges, with abstract shapes and wallpapers. We are seeing an increase in clients asking for patterned wallpapers and bold colors — and I love it!! There’s nothing wrong with an all white room, but color makes everything a little more fun (don’t you think?).

2. Sustainability

We are all about transparency here at Zenith — it’s one of our core values . So we are loving the trend of sustainable design choices! Consumers want to know where the products in their home are coming from and what they’re made of, and we can’t blame them. We have numerous clients asking for locally made cabinets or hand-crafted lighting fixtures. For many, it’s not just about environmental best practices, but also labor. It’s great to support a local or small business — then you know where your money is going.

3. Granny-Chic

Mid-mod is on its way out, and granny-chic is on its way in. The Mad-Men style that has dominated interior design trends for the past few years is moving on out and the cozy, delicate feel of your grandma’s house is taking over. It makes sense — people want to be comfortable when they’re spending time at home! This trend brings together vintage furniture pieces and modern accessories to create an eclectic and comfortable living space. This means more florals and wallpapers too, which is right on trend with the big and bold designs.

4. Home Office

2022 showed everyone the importance of having a dedicated home office space. And not just any home office space — a comfortable home office that you can work in 8 hours a day, every day. For many, this means a separate room in your home, or a designated area in another room that you can make your own. Preferably something more than a seat at the dining room table! When designing an office, we are seeing homeowners ask for a space that is all their own. They want it to be reflective of their personality and their work. This could mean bold colors or wallpapers that make for interesting Zoom backgrounds, family photos to look at during a long work day, or lots of storage space for files.

We’re seeing lots of bold trends for 2023 and I can’t wait to see more designs with these trends in mind. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks into designs we create this year!


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