Is It Worth It to Build a Custom Home?

Everyone spends time imagining their custom dream house with features built just for them. The question is, is building a house worth it? Designing and building your own home means extra time and money spent.

There are two types of homes that are built: custom homes and production homes. Production homes are part of a larger community of new homes owned by the builder. When you purchase a production home, you’re often given a choice of floor plans, but generally, you don’t get to customize much.

Custom homes are usually built on land that the buyer owns and can be completely customized to fit the buyer’s specific needs and wishes.

Let’s look at some benefits of building a custom home to determine if it’s the right fit for you.

Custom Home Builders Deliver the Best Quality

Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Quality custom home builders know that delivering the best product and service is essential. Custom home builders work at a high standard. They do not believe in cutting corners, buying poor-quality materials, or trying to do things you didn’t ask for because it’s easier for them. When you’re building your own home, you can be sure that everything will be of high quality.

If you are purchasing a pre-built house, the general contractor you hire will do your requested modifications, but if the house itself was built poorly, only so much can be done. The previous owners might have cut corners to make it cheaper or easier for themselves, and you could end up with a house that doesn’t fit your needs.

A custom home builder strives to make every detail fit you and your budget. They have the experience and inside knowledge to do so while maintaining the highest standards in build and materials.

Whether you are looking for a house that is unique, a house that is luxurious, or even a house that is just the right level of cozy, you need a builder who knows how to deliver flawless and high-quality results.

Personalized Solutions

If you are considering a custom home, you most likely have some specific features and add-ons you want for your dream house. Perhaps you want a room with a sunroof or crystal light fixtures or even a full bar in your basement.

Are custom homes worth it? They are if you’re looking for professional solutions and advice on how to make your dream home a reality. Custom home builders will help you figure out what kinds of rooms you want and need, what activities you would be doing in them, and even what kind of feeling a room should invoke. From a party palace to a relaxing oasis, your house could be built for any purpose you can think of.

When you’re customizing your own home, everything will be exactly to your specifications. Custom home builders specialize in meeting your needs, no matter how picky you might be. An experienced custom home builder has done it all and will do it for you at the highest quality. Their job is to make your vision come to life, from the bigger decisions to the smallest details.

A Customized Home Means Less Expensive Changes Later

Why to Build a Custom Home

If you custom build your own home, everything will look how you want and work how you want. If you buy a production house, your choices on floor plans and amenities will be limited. Most likely you will end up adding expensive features later on and doing construction on the house to better suit your needs.

If you’re buying a pre-owned house, there will be plenty of features that are not up to your standards. Perhaps the house is not properly insulated or your closet ends up being too small. In either case, you will end up doing expensive construction later on, on top of what you are already paying for the house itself.

When you customize your own home, you can rely on your designers and builders, as well as your own personal research, to ensure that you are creating the best home possible. Instead of paying years later for the spiral staircase you’ve always wanted to be put in, intentionally build your home to accommodate one!

Having a house built for you means it will last longer and need less maintenance in the future — saving you money in the long run.

You Are In Control of Your House

Your house should feel like your own, which means the details need to be just right. If you want to create a home that expresses who you are down to the last tile, building a custom home might be the right choice.

With a custom home designer, you get full control over every aspect of your future home. You direct the builders and the designers every step of the way.

Your designer will listen to every request and opinion and come back with plans for how to make your ideas come to life aesthetically, efficiently, and within your budget. You will have the final say on size, placement, arrangement, and everything in between.

The biggest and most important purchasing decision you will ever make is your house. With an investment this big, having full control at all times is essential. Many new homeowners often feel like they don’t have control over their own homes and that their houses are not their own. Being as picky as you like will ensure that you’re happy in your home.

Make your own home and take control of your future. Don’t compromise! You can have a team committed to making your vision a reality, piece by piece, just like you want it.

Custom Homes Don't Have to Be Expensive

Why You Should Build Custom Home

Production builds and pre-owned homes are generally less expensive than a custom home. When customizing your home and building it from scratch, you will be spending money. What makes it more expensive?

A new build means hiring an architect, builders, land surveyors, and designers, as well as buying the land itself. There will also be expenses that you might not have foreseen when beginning your project.

However, it is important to keep in mind that you do not have to spend a fortune to create the perfect home for your family. There will be some extras that you prioritize having in your home, and some that you will decide you don’t really want. Also, unlike with buying or renting other houses, when you build your own home you will not have to keep up with constant maintenance costs.

Most of all, it is essential to remember that this can be your home for the rest of your life! Many people decide to build their own homes specifically for this reason— they do not intend to move again. If you’re ready to settle down and stay for the long haul, building a custom home could be a worthwhile investment.


So, is it worth it to build a custom home? If you’re looking to have a high-quality, personalized home that will be more affordable in the long run, then yes! At Zenith Design + Build we can build your dream home, just the way you want it. Contact us for a free consultation.


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